Friday, 1 August 2008

Happy birthday dear moth

Because we're celebrating my younger son's birthday this weekend, here's a picture of a cake candle, plus moth. Shows how small they can be, but also how beautiful in spite of their Lilliputian size. Look at the length of its antennae (specially if you click on the picture to enlarge it). Like Fu Manchu. This is a micromoth and its identification must therefore wait until I retire. I'm also posting the picture, which is a couple of days old, because it was wildly wet here last night and trapping was out of the question. We were woken in the small hours by thunderous rain. Let's hear it for the Met Office website - which has saved me a likely fortune in mercury vapour bulbs which surely wouldn't withstand such downpours. Mind you, I watched a Meadow Brown butterfly meandering about yesterday in light rain. Oh, and it was a red letter day for us yesterday in butterfly terms because we were visited by a White letter Hairstreak. That's our first new butterfly record here for four years.

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