Friday, 8 August 2008

The ear thing

Dodgy weather again, but I was fed up with not being able to trap. So I put the lamp carefully in the shade of a buddleia, which is drenching the garden with that amazing honey scent at dusk at the moment. There were plenty of moths this morning, even though it had clearly rained overnight - again. Nothing striking, but this is a Flame Shoulder, standing to attention with its epaulette stripes. To my alarm, I read in my moth Bible, Waring & Townsend, a rare jokey comment about the Flame Shoulder flying particularly wildly (most moths zig-zag and do acrobatrics) and "occasionally entering the ears of moth-recorders near the light!" I'm not alarmed about my ears, but because I've just asserted in the Guardian Diary that this ear thing (which is quite frequently told me by moth-dislikers, but always anecdotally) is a myth. So I shall add that to my long list of subjects which I need properly to research. I've added a couple of small pics, of a Common Wainscot and a Beautiful Golden Y, just to show the range of moths flying at the moment (and also cos they're a bit less blurred. It's rather overcast these mornings and I am 58...)

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