Saturday, 15 August 2015

Yum yum

Penny and I have had the good fortune this summer to see both the plays in this season's repertoire of Mikron, the enterprising theatre company from Marsden, near Huddersfield, which performs in pub gardens and travels round the country on a narrowboat.  I recommend them hugely if you are anywhere near any of their venues. Their practice is to take an intersting piece of social history - this year, the Women's Institute for one play and Fish and Chips for the other - and describe it through a strange, witty and musical plot.

They come to mind because next year their subjects will be the 'canary girls', women whose work making munitions turned their skin yellow (and did much worse things to their health), and by contrast, the history of chocolate. I wonder if they will include one of the arrivals in my eggboxes: the Chocolate-tip moth?

Beloved of me, because it is so simple to identify, this is a very welcome regular in the trap. I have tried to capture the brightness of the crimson on its chocolatey tip. Like one of those strawberry whirls or whatever which combine two delicious tastes.

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