Friday, 7 August 2015

Incy Wincy


Penny and I have become very familiar again with Incy Wincy Spider over the last 18 months, including the fascinating range of slightly different versions of the song, both in terms of the words and the accompanying actions.

Anyway, there she was in the trap this morning, which might have been very bad news for the moths had I left them for too long. as it was, Incy Wincy was too preoccupied with her ball of eggs to start making a web. Isn't it sweet, the way she's carrying it with just one arm/leg. she looks as though she's off ten-pin bowling.

Here are some of her potential meals from the eggboxes, which continue to be busy in this pleasant August weather:

Swallow Prominent - third of the P's to call recently now that the second generation is under way

Willow Beautyin good condition - these bigger moths tear their wings easily

Brown-line Bright-eye (not to be confused with the Bright-line Brown-eye)

Smoky Wainscot (I think, or it could be Common W)

Scarce Footman (not very scarce round here)

One of the Fruit Tree Tortrixes, I think

Flounced Rustic

And here's a moth which wouldn't have been eaten - a Common Wainscot which preferred to hole up on a sweetcorn leaf rather than tuck itself into an eggbox.

And lastly of all, here is my little poster celebrating our magnificent butterfly weekend, now on the village noticeboard and elsewhere. And the sun is out again today.


Paul Hopkins said...

Hi Martin,

I have an inkling your Flounced Rustic might in fact be a Straw Underwing. What do you think? (I often get these wrong so this is by no means definitive!)


Martin Wainwright said...

Yes I think you are right - I should know, cos they came around this time last year. I will correct and update

Very many thanks