Monday, 17 August 2015

Pretty parade

The life of a moth enthusiast at this time of year can be a little becalmed amid grey and brown arrivals, as is the case at the start of the season back in March. Today's offerings are some of the exceptions: bright pieces of colour or lightness  which cheer me up as I sift through the eggboxes of a morning.

The Brimstone moth, above, is as welcome as its sulphurous namesake among our butterflies and as generously-brooded. Examples have been coming all summer.  The Green Carpet below is battered but still a worthy representative of its infrequent colouring among moths. Even when you get green species, notably the various Emeralds, they are prone to fading very fast.

The Clouded Border below is a dainty creature with a distinctive play on the sort of black and white camouflage which we've seen here recently with the starry Black Arches.

And let's hear it finally for this Riband Wave. I have often shown this Laura Ashley species and there's nothing special about this one. Except that it has posed on a division between two soft, pastelly colours which looks pleasant in a Farrow and Ball sort of way.


Anonymous said...

Hi Martin.

I think your 'Green Carpet' may actually be one of the green coloured Pugs. My hunch would be towards V-Pug.

MartinWainwright said...

Thanks again, O ever-reliable one - and even I can see a 'V', once prompted. All v bst as ever, M