Thursday, 13 August 2015

Wains and Scotts

As of the wee small hours on Monday, as Mrs Thatcher might have put it: "We are a Grand-Uncle". A lovely little girl has been born to the middle one of my three lovely and interesting nieces. When I think of them, I think of the family of moths featured today, the Wainscots, because the combination of their parents' names, Wainwright and Scott, shrinks nicely into this joint word.

Having said that, I get into a worse muddle than usual over the Wainscots whose markings are only subtly different and are confused by variations within each species. The easy way, for me, is to say that all the ones I find are Common Wainscots which come in both the white and beige-pinky forms shown above. But I've also had their relatives the Smoky Wainscot and the Shoulder-striped and I wonder if the one below is one of these? 

I remember the relative joy of getting a Large Wainscot last year, because they live up to their name. Meanwhile here is a picture of our wain, melting Dali-like into the paving, which I carefully repair every year. And to the right, a picture of the Scott Sociable motorbike and sidecar; just the thing for a young couple with a small babe.  And made in Shipley, where the little one's grandparents live.

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