Wednesday, 19 August 2015

With the best will in the world...

Today's post is a second instalment of 'storage' - moths for definite identification when things calm down and mornings are darker and less conducive to pre-tea inspections of the trap.

The last one was for micro-moths. This is for those annoying (to me) macros which come in over-similar shapes, sizes and colours.

Here's my thumb, above, as a size reminder although the eggbox cone sorts things out for me, as one of the world's leading authorities on containers for eggs.  Meanwhile, I think the battered visitor below is another Red Twin-spot Carpet. But you (or at least I) never know.

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Anonymous said...

Hi martin.

The first moth I could have completely wrong, but the black streaks towards the bottom of the wing are making me think Straw Underwing. The bad news is, I'm not an egg-box connoisseur like yourself, so being unsure of the size, I'm thinking either one of the Minors, or Common Rustic agg. or Flounced Rustic for the next two, hopefully somebody else can be more definitive. The good news is, I think you've got your final one right, I'd go with Red Twin-spot Carpet aswell.