Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Who needs Vermont?

Friends have written to say that they want to come and see us 'now that the trees by the river are putting on their autumn garb'. This has got me out of my grumpiness about the loss of our blissful summer. Autumn is a wonderful season in its different way.

Engliah - or maybe European - tree colours are wonderfully subtle, for all the amazing blaze of glory in Vermont and neighbouring states. To watch a beech here for the next few weeks is a lesson in the wonders of nature. Like moths.

Talking of which, autumn is bringing some beautiful visitors to the trap. This morning the first Sallow of this year for me - top picture - was joined by another new arrival, an Autumnal Rustic in his or her smart Robert E. Lee uniform (second pic).  Then there was a Brimstone moth apparently enjoying the taste of its eggbox; and finally for now a Canary-shouldered Thorn on the transparent canopy - rather worn after all these years, hence the blurry first picture taken from below, sorry.

More came besides, including this Plume below, a form of micro whose spindly T-shape is always a pleasure to see. Part Two of today's visitors tomorrow - because I fear we may get more rain tonight.

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