Friday, 20 September 2013

Bit of skirt

I managed to turn on all the various switches last night, after Wednesday's absent-mindedness, and was rewarded with this gallant trouper - a little frayed but still full of life as he/she demonstrated by whirling off when I'd goaded her into showing her skirts just once to often.

A Red Underwing; plentiful here this summer but majestic beside the standard-sized moths in the catch like the Lesser Yellow Underwing above, and dwarfing the Carpets which came in force - the trap being sited close to some fruit trees and bushes which they seem to favour.

Here are various forms of the Common Marbled Carpet plus a nice little Purple Bar, last night's winner of the Pink Eggbox Award.

To finish up with, it's always good to see a spot of green in the moth spectrum and this Red Green Carpet, perched just inside the bowl, obliged.

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