Friday, 13 September 2013

Erotic moths

Where am I? A Large Yellow Underwing goes through 50 shades of pink

Sorry, I'm rather messing about this morning because the moths are very routine and I am getting more pleasure out of the ritzy new pink eggbox which Penny found for me. Ella Valentine's Baking Eggs! Cor!  What is a Baking Egg?  How does it differ from an egg? We had a couple boiled for breakfast yesterday, and they seemed the same as all the others.

The pink is something else, though, and it certainly seems to have brought Daddy and Mummy Long-legs together, as per my second picture. Look carefully...

I tried to entice a pair of Straw Dots on to Ella Valentine for a similar sesh but one wasn't playing and flew away. But here's the other, above, and a pretty Wainscot (Update: a Common one - thanks Dave in Comments) and a slightly smudgy fruit Tortrix of some kind (Update: or rather, an Epiphyas postvittana or Light Brown Apple Moth - thanks again, Dave), below, to compensate.  Curse these drab and dark early mornings; not good for the amateur moth photographer.


Countryside Tales said...

Baking eggs differ only in the packing and labelling :-)
We always have a giggle in Waitrose at the eggs they label "large," which are approx 1/2 the size of our girl's eggs! CT :-)

David Shenton said...


I'd say Common for the Wainscot and the micro is one of the many variations of Epiphyas postvittana or Light Brown Apple Moth.



MartinWainwright said...

Hi both and thanks as always. CT, I thought as much re the eggs. We do get some big ones here in Sainsbury's and Tesco though and certainly at assorted farmers' markets.

Thanks ever so much as always, Dave. I've updated those two particular visitors to the pink bordello.

all warmest


Ray Walton said...

Hi Martin

It may be reasonable to assume that, as the nights get longer and colder, your listings will become fewer and fewer. May I therefore take this timely opportunity to thank you for another excellent season of Blogging with both colourful moths and interesting side stories

Ray (Stokelymort)

MartinWainwright said...

Thanks very much Ray - and I always greatly enjoy, appreciate and learn from your Comments.

Yes, the season is ending really. Last night was foul and the mornings are darkening. I know that there are moths which brave the coming conditions and I will light the lamp from time to time over the winter; but I guess that, come the end of this month, life will be quieter at morning teatime.

All very warmest wishes and thanks again