Thursday, 5 September 2013

Handle with care

This morning brought a persuasive reason for treating the eggboxes cautiously during the morning inspection which can find me a bit dozy as the nights lengthen: my first Oxfordshire hornet which was just waking up on the underside of the little cones. We ignored one another and it flew off while I was still examining its moth companions on a crisp and nippy start to a day which is forecast to get very warm.

The arrivals continue to herald the approach of autumn. In the second picture, the Centre-barred Sallow in the foreground is already showing signs of a hard life lived to the full, compared to the fresher example on the cone behind. Today's third moth is a welcome relief from my bafflement at the variations in Carpet moth colouring. This is the russet-blotched version of the Common Marbled Carpet, a seasonal friend to all who are challenged over moth IDs.

Its grey companion below is another matter, and I will have to spend time later on deciding whether it is a Flounced Rustic or some other member of that challenging tribe.

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