Sunday, 15 September 2013

Still in the pink

I am still very pleased with my pink eggbox - visited last night by this Brown-spot Pinion

Moth numbers fell last night to the level where I can count them without getting muddled (I only just got grade 6 in O Level maths back in 1966). There were 23.

And this nice pair of Rusticy moths

This was partly the result of a cold - but clear - night and the need to place the trap in an obscure spot so as not to disturb our latest guests. This worked, I am glad to say. One of the limits on moth trapping is that the Robinson trap, which is the most effective, is like a small-scale version of Beachy Head lighthouse. You need space and seclusion or very nice neighbours.

Two of the night's four Large Yellow Underwings

I'll identify later, as the demands of hospitality call. It seems odd but English weather is legendarily changeable and we are apparently expecting gales. But I have something different line-up for tomorrow's post.

Not had time to consult my Micro Bible yet. Update: I think that both this and the 
micro below are  Ancylis achatana. Fingers crossed...

Flounced Rustic methinks

Another - but different (Update: or not?) - small grey gentleman (or woman)


David Shenton said...

Hi Martin,

Regards your micros, have a look at Celypha lacunana perhaps...

And your 'Rusticy' moths, how about Lunar Underwing



MartinWainwright said...

Thanks once again, Dave - very timely, too, as if I'm not mistaken, I've been visited today by three Lunar Underwings, all different...

all warm wishes