Monday, 9 September 2013

Age and memory

I've just made the happy rediscovery of the fact that I've been moth-trapping for three years longer than I thought. My references in occasional posts to starting in May 2008 have been based on the fact that this blog began then. Until my Mum-in-law started leafing through boxes of her papers which have come here in our Big Move, I had forgotten the previous era of paper, printed photographs nd scrapbooks.

Lo and behold! Here are five pages of pictures which I made for said Mum-in-law in 2005, when she was campaigning for the Post Office to run a series of moth stamps (out of touching loyalty to my hobby). This year has seen some lovely butterfly ones, so we live in hope. The correspondence which she has faithfully kept, shows that Royal Mail have the idea on file.

I composed some sheets of pictures of my own moths that year, which I am fairly sure was my genuine debut with Mr and Mrs Robinson's famous lamp, one of the many excellent birthday presents I have received over the years from Penny. Somewhere in all our own, as yet unpacked Big Move papers, is a scrapbook in which I pasted such records. I shall now hunt for it with renewed vigour.

The range of the moths surprised and pleased me and I will check them out against recent comparisons I made here between the catches in Leeds and Oxfordshire. But for now, I will take up our morning tea which we will sip in bed, contemplating the persistent rain outdoors.

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