Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Worth the waiting for

Well, well. Another lovely catch last night, even though the end of the season is nigh. I am sorry that the poor light in the morning now, plus my wobbly hands, has not done the focussing any favours with these. Tomorrow I will use my long-neglected mini-tripod.

Anyway, the catch began with one of those "Ooh, this is good" moments as I examined this moth which I am forced to conclude, in the absence of any viable alternative, is a Mottled Umber, Here it is again:

The reason I am sounding hesitant is that there then followed a second "Ooh, another excellent moth" episode, when I found this on the inside of the trap's tub...

...and then another one, here, on one of my Happy Egg boxes, and these definitely are Mottled Umbers and they are not the same superficially as the first moth. My Bible shows four varieties of the male along with the flightless female, but not one which looks like Moth 1. Still, as I say, I can't see what else it may be.

Then a third happy moment, appropriately in this little world of Happy Eggs: a very handsome Feathered Thorn

followed by an especially richly green Red-green Carpet, that little star of the late October moth world

and finally a third Mottled Umber, which I include because of (a) the attractive suffragette background to the first picture, and the fact that it was so soundly asleep that I got a photo of its underwing, cradled in a bright red geranium.  What a satisfactory morning (blurring apart)

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