Thursday, 18 October 2012

Warmer weather = More moths

Above is the moth world's equivalent of Einstein's equation and last night it was proved true once again. Although parts of the UK coast got a battering from high winds, in the south, and rain, in the north west, Leeds enjoyed a return to early September temperatures and the moths came out.

they were not deterred by a fair bit of rain in the early hours, which Mr and Mrs Robinson's moth trap rain shield deflected effectively as usual. How often do I sing a little hymn of praise to that vanished and too little-known pair.

I haven't had time to identify the ones here. It's my weekend task, and one which I will enjoy. Of course, if wiser souls can't wait to read my mistakes and want to help via the Comments slot, I never mind. Update: And lo! The kindly Stewart has done just that - see Comments. I promise not to get into this lazy habit, but I append his identifications below in bold, with many thanks (and awe at his skill).

This is a Red-green Carpet, I'm sure, doing that funny thing they do with their abdomens when at rest. Yes it is

Mmmm... (Common Marbled Carpet)

Mmmmm....(Common Marbled Carpet)

Mmmmmm.....(Spruce Carpet)


Aha! A tortrix of some sort (Light Brown Apple micro-moth)

And I think this may be a November Moth with calendar confusion (Yep)

Mmmmmmmm.......(Prob Red-green Carpet)

Mmmmmmmmm........(Spruce Carpet)

I'm just going to double-check the Satellite and then go and examine the trap which has been out again after a misty moisty night. Many thanks again to Stewart and to Banished for his nice link on curious insect positions, in the thread.


Stewart said...

Hi Martin from the second slide down - I reckon -

Com Marbled Carpet
Com Marbled Carpet
Spruce Carpet
Light Brown Apple Moth
Looks like Red Green Carpet?
Spruce Carpet

Cheers Stewart...

Banished To A Pompous Land said...

Those strange abdominal contortions are precticed over here too Martin. In this case by the Greater (or is it the Lesser?) Grapevine Looper.

Martin said...

Stewart you are kind! And many apologies for the delay; I have been in a wifi Sahara. Sorry to be so lazy, too. It's the end of the season and I can feel that time coming when, apart from occasional check nights through the winter, the wires are coiled and the trap cleaned and tucked away.

Banished thanks so much. Don't they have weird postures! I always like watching looper caterpillars; a very appealing way of ambling along...

All warm wishes, M