Thursday, 25 October 2012

Crisper focus

Nothing of substance to report from last night but, as promised, I used my trusty little camera tripod Miranda (that's the manufacturer's name for it, not mine) and the focus is a little better on these familiar characters. Here's the November Moth for instance, a Jane Eyre of the family whose delicately understated  colouring needs a close look to appreciate its subtlety.  As is the case with so many of us...

The lower wing shows rather well in this picture, below, which was unintentional. I gently blew the moth off the rain shield to let it fly away but it was so sleepy that it fluttered down on this rather elderly bit of roofing felt (the black stuff) and sat there with its petticoats showing.

Now for a Red-green Carpet looking much redder than the very fine one  in yesterday's post, and a Feathered Thorn tucked away in a Happy Egg box.

Finally, I know this picture (below) of a second Feathered Thorn under the rim of the bowl is blurred but it's very hard to get good pictures against the treacherously reflective black plastic. The light levels even by 9am are dire at the moment - the red light invariably comes on for flash and I have to suppress it because the glare changes all the colours. I just like the composition and - giving myself airs here - the vaguely French Impressionist look.

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