Saturday, 13 October 2012

Shady character, but very welcome

I nipped down to make the tea this morning, saying: "I won't be long but I'm just going to check the moth trap." At least twenty minutes later and possibly more, I got back to find a note by the teapot from P saying: "I came down to get mine - hope you don't mind."

The moral of this story is that there are still quite a lot of moths around at this time of year, provided that the nights aren't too chilly.

Here's a familiar one but well worth another outing on the blog, because by happy chance the camera has caught its violet, indeed almost bluey tinge, a very rare colour in UK moths. It's an Angle Shades, a dashing character with a strikingly rakish appearance which is also very unusual. You, or at least, I, can imagine it  sweeping open that folded cloak of its wings and giving you a sweeping bow.

It is also unusual in being one of the few of our moths to be around all year, supplemented at the moment by immigrants from the continent. Moths have arrangements similar to those of the modern EU for us, and we all benefit from both.

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