Monday, 1 October 2012

Late Admirals

Lord Nelson would have had them keel-hauled - or maybe even shot like poor old Admiral Byng whose execution for 'not doing his utmost' in the face of the enemy led to Voltaire's famous comment in Candide
Dans ce pays-ci, il est bon de tuer de temps en temps un amiral pour encourager les autres. (In this country they kill an Admiral from time to time to encourage the others).
I'm talking about Red Admirals which this year, like Admiral Byng in his battle off Menorca, are very late to arrive. But they have done now, and here is a handsome one enjoying the sun. As I have mentioned previously, neither they nor the lovely White Admiral have nothing to do with the Navy. The word is a transition from 'Admirable'.

The sun is essential for their appearance. We haven't had a lot of it recently - in contrast to the lashings of rain which account for my moth lethargy. But the equation is consistent: sunshine = Red Admirals. Dull weather = their disappearance.

I can feel the autumn coming now that we are in October, and even the winter. Ah well, spring will not be far behind.


Stokelymort said...

It's nice to get a report on anything at the moment Martin.
As I parked my car on the drive today, a moth took flight and landed close by on my neighbours house wall. I dashed into the house to get my capturing device, and just about to secure this little specimen for study later, when next doors central heating boiler kicked in, and a plume of steam came out of the wall vent to frighten it away. Now, how frustrating is that!
I look forward to your future listings, as sparse as they will no doubt be in the coming months.

Martin said...

Hi there! V nice to hear from you as ever. What a shame about the boiler vent! I like your phrase 'capturing device' - what exactly is it? Alas, it isn't brilliant at the mo but I put the trap out last night on the promise from BBC North of no rain (accurate as it turns out) and am off to inspect it shortly. All warm wishes and to the moths, M

Stokelymort said...

Subj: Capturing Device.
Here is a link Martin, but I think I only paid half the price!

MartinWainwright said...

Marvellous! I can picture you in action with it...

All v best