Sunday, 27 May 2012

What clouds?

Just to start where we left off: here is an undoubted Shuttle-shaped Dart, obvious even to me, which arrived last night and illustrates the difference between itself and the one in the last picture of the previous post, whose identity David Shenton kindly confirmed.
They even fold their wings in opposite ways, like the statues of Philomathes and Polymathes at Shrewsbury school - Wanting to Know and Know-all - which represent pupils at the start and end of their education. This appears to have been simply in learning the correct style of collar and haircut and how to carry your hat.

Here's a fine arrival, albeit ineptly-named in the cloudless weather we are enjoying (and how we are enjoying it after soggy late Spring). It is a Clouded-bordered Brindle, a fine-looking moth with its double-fanged pattern. Last year was the first time I saw one here, although they are not uncommon.

Finally for today, a couple of Scalloped Hazels in the Land of Nod. In spite of the much better conditions, moths are not over-abundant yet, but the SH is around in some strength.

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