Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Pretty pug

I didn't think that I would ever say nice things about a pug moth, but there we are. This one is lovely, even though - I think - it's only a common Wormwood Pug. It didn't look much when I took the picture, but the camera has brought out the subtlety and beauty of the colour and patterning. I regard the tribe with new respect.

More moths are arriving now with the warmer weather and the year's record temperature yesterday of almost 25C.  Above are a couple of nice little micros, my new enthusiasm, and below a pair of carpets - Spruce and Red-green? - and a rustic of some kind; once more I have to add 'I think'.

I shall try to find time to be more definite shortly.


Bennyboymothman said...

Hi Martin
Yes its beginning to get busy, I am already a day behind with my reports!

Your moths are

1. Commmon Pug
2. Mompha sp? not sure
3. Epiblema cynosbatella (recognised by the yellow labial palps)
4. Yes Red-green
5. Grey-pine
6. A late Lead-coloured Drab

All the best now

MartinWainwright said...

Fantastic! thanks so much Ben. The Common Pug is lovely isn't it, in spite of its humble name and ordinary status? Nice moths this morning too; am just going to put them in a post. All v best and good luck with your expedition again!