Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Not so swift

One of those welcome arrivals this morning which make a change from the worthy but rather routine browns and greys: a Common Swift. It actually wasn't at all swift; extremely groggy but clearly awake, it spent just over five minutes staggering about before finally getting enough control over its wing muscles to fly away. Luckily it stopped for a rest every now and then, allowing me to take this couple of relatively unblurred photographs. Other pleasant visitors included a White Ermine and a large number of carpet moths of which more tomorrow.

Penny will be proud of me this morning because I tiptoed back to the house carefully enough to find a pencil to illustrate the Lilliputian size of another arrival, this exquisite Foxglove Pug. A different pug, which I have yet to identify, found a different way of making the point - see below. Things are getting better, even if the weather is cooling, although that is happening more slowly than the Met Office originally led us to believe.

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