Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Grey and Ochre

As Ben observes with his characteristic wisdom in a comment on my last post, the transition from early- to mid-spring moths is slow this year, and I still find familiar faces, or at least species, in the trap. Here's a handsome Early Grey above, for example, and below one of the many, constantly baffling pugs.

I was given a special guide to these after addressing Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society on the subject of journalism a couple of years ago, but it hasn't really improved my ability to tell the subtle differences between these tiny creatures. Talking of connections between moths and journalism, the Guardian has so far rebuffed my attempts to interest them in the fabby coming guide to micro-moths (see previous post) but I will win in the end.

Here's the pug closer up. Now I will go and try to check it against my moth Bible. And also have my early morning cup of tea. Update: Having checked, I'm opting for an Ochreous Pug, and will now sit back and wait to be congratulated or, more probably, corrected.

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