Friday, 11 May 2012

Flea circus

Something new last night: not a moth, but a power cut. I slumbered on, but Penny was woken at about 3am by a neighbour's burglar arm wailing away. We didn't have light, heat and the rest of it 'til midday when a portable generator arrived. That's still grumbling away just up the road as I write, just after 11pm, so consequently the mercury vapour lamp is shining again. As ever, I am optimistic because the forecast for tonight is for dry and even warmish weather at last.

It was cool last night and there were intermittent showers; plus, I didn't light the trap 'til after 10.30pm, so it was unsurprising to find very little there in the morning. Quite interesting, though. Look at these scenes on the golden background of the Happy Eggs eggbox. They bring to mind some episode of Star Wars, strange creatures on the desert planet of Tattouine.

Once again, I will have to fall back on Ben or Dave or one of my kindly experts to tell me what the tiny scrap of micromoth might be. The others are pugs, I am fairly sure, and I will work away at identifying them tomorrow morning. Sleep well.

Update: Charlie Streets kindly comes to my rescue in Comments.  The micro is Eriocranaria subpurpurella, which likes oaks, of which we have plenty hereabouts. I love acorns.  


charlie streets said...

Martin, your micros are Eriocrania subpurpurella - an oak loving species.


MartinWainwright said...

Thanks SO much Charlie. Sorry to be so lame but until the new book comes out, I am completely inept. Much appreciated.

Penny has just reported another micro in our loo, so I am off again, camera in hand. Please get ready to identify...

All warmest wishes


Ray Walton said...

I have only just recently honed in on Lepidotera.
Immediately hooked, and amazed at the extent of enthusiasm and knowledge of visitors to your Blog Martin.

MartinWainwright said...

Hi Ray

They are indeed wonderful, and many thanks for your comment too. I started this just as a record for myself, to replace a bulging scrapbook of scribbled notes and bad pre-digital photos. But it's introduced me to loads of really nice, generous and knowledgable people. Hooray for the internet!

All warm wishes