Monday, 21 May 2012


Still the chill; but we had a moment of real warmth yesterday afternoon and the forecast is for proper May weather by Wednesday. About time too. As if to bear this out, the first newcomer to the trap for quite a while arrived last night. It's a Scalloped Hazel, not uncommon and a regular visitor in past year; but a sight for sore eyes, over-used to eggboxes empty apart from a few Quakers, Drabs and Pugs.

Talking of the last, they sent a representative too, perched on the outer frame of the trap and very small by comparison with the Scalloped Hazel. I sense that good things are on the way. Sap rising, buds bursting, moths coming... All that sort of thing.

Update: the expert Ben Sale, to who I am ever thankful, identifies this as a Dwarf Pug which, as he says, is far from the smallest of the tribe, in spite of its name.  See comments.


Bennyboymothman said...

Hi Martin
Your Pug is a Dwarf Pug, I don't see many of these, and despite it's name it is far from being the smallest Pug!
The weather does look to turn amazing by the end of today so I have a few planned camping trips and will be surveying 3 different sites tonight, Thursday night and Saturday night, i'm very excited as I am hoping for Great Prominent a Moth I have never seen.
Keep up the good work.

MartinWainwright said...

Hi Ben! Thanks v much as ever. Very good luck with tour expedition and I hope that Great Prominents greet you in abundance.

AT LAST it is nice!


Thanks again - v much appreciated