Sunday, 16 October 2016


Rain last night and rain again this morning; conditions could hardly be less encouraging for moths (and the people who study them).  And yet, hardy little beasts that they are, they still wing in. Here are today's dozing inhabitants of the rather sodden eggboxes, kicking off with the handsome Autumnal moth above.

Here are the rest, duly captioned. The sun has come out now and the forecast is for a better night. So provided the eggboxes dry successfully, the lamp will be lit once again as darkness falls ce soir.

A shy Red-line Quaker
An aged Snout, time-battered almost to the point of transparency
Male Light Brown Apple moth, or Epiphyas postvittana as it likes to be known
And here's the female which always reminds me of an ermine-collared member of the House of Lords

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