Tuesday, 18 October 2016

And now the darker side

You can get a bit blase when you've blogged about the same subject for years, but there's also a sort of reassurance in the predictability of most arrivals in the trap. That is the case today - and yesterday. First the beautiful Green-brindled Crescent flew in, a regular glory of this darkening time of the year. And then, on its heels, comes today's cappuchino version of the same species; with the green replaced by assorted browns.

It isn't as beautiful but it outdoes the standard green form for interest, because this is a form found only in the UK.  In the current climate post-referendum that may please the more rabid 'Leavers', but the rest of us shouldn't allow that to deny us our own pleasure in such a peculiarity.  Like most darker forms of moths, most famously the virtually black Peppereds, it used to be found more in industrial areas than elsewhere, but its distribution appears to be coming more general.

Also staying last night: a Beaded Chestnut, a moth which likes dots and dashes more or less equally.

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