Monday, 17 October 2016

Autumn colours

Russet, amber and yellow are the colours of Autumn in our landscape. For today's main moth, the season's colour is green.

Here it is: the lovely Green-brindled Crescent whose vivid splash of metallic wing scales, using both the reflection and refraction of light to achieve their effect are shown below and a little closer-up, above.

It is a lovely creature at this largely sober time of the year. In certain lights (and to some extent, with certain cameras), it also has a purplish tone on the outer part of its wings. It is very well-behaved when it calls on me; usually deeply asleep and happy to be photographed many times.

Quite a few moths continue to call, among them the visitors below, all duly captioned below the pictures.  We've just had rain but I think that tonight will be dry, and do the recording of these intriguing creatures goes on.

Setaceous (or 'bristly') Hebrew Character
Garden Pebble micro, aka Evergestis forficalis
Red-line Quaker, with its look of a mouse
Autumnal moth
Lunar Underwing; not had one of those for a week to ten days

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