Saturday, 22 October 2016

Obliging a visitor

A very nice friend has been to stay after an interval of almost exactly two years. Back in 2014, he had his introduction to that paragon among moths, the Merveille du Jour, and he was hoping for a reunion this time.

That was not to be, but he was able to feast his eyes on this particularly lovely Green-brindled Crescent which in my view gives the Merveille a run for its money - in colouring and pattern if not in name.

The trap also offered a Black Rustic with slightly unusual colouring which makes clearer the 'double lobe' pattern common to all rustics but often concealed by the sheer Darth Vaderish darkness of the Black one.

I was specially pleased to have Large Wainscot on the guest list as well, a graceful and exquisitely patterned moth which cheers up these colder days and nights.

Here are the three of these stars together

and here is another nice visitor concluding the rill-call for our friend: a Blair's Shoulder-knot.

Oh, and the Harlequin ladybirds are about. I know we're not supposed to like them, but I can't resist that bright and bold colouring.

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