Sunday, 23 October 2016

Here I am again


Our visitor in search of a Merveille du Jour - see last post - departed without a sighting, albeit very pleased with the particularly beautiful Green-brindled Crescent which flew in instead. Look what duly arrived the day after he had gone, above.

You don't recognise it from its tummy view? Well, see below. Yes, it is the moth he hoped to see for real, rather than having to make do with one of my photographs. Note my Marmite mug in the background, celebrating the return of the product to Tesco's shelves after the post-Brexit spat with Unilever.

I have found that Merveille du Jours tend to come when the trap's light is as out in the open as I can contrive. Last night, as you can see, I contrived a curious hedgetop position. In case you are wondering, the flags are the Union Jack and EU stars, which will fly until the UK comes round to realising that it isn't very sensible to smash up your own economy. And not just the Marmite part of it.

The moth's the little scrap at the top of the cowl rim to the right of the cable
Other arrivals included the spirit-lifting warm colours of the Barred Sallow, immediately below, and the handsome brown moth below that which I hope to identify in leisure over my morning cup of tea. I must now go and get that sorted.

Update: It's a Square-spot Rustic.

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