Sunday, 1 May 2016

Well wrapped-up

After three nights with just one moth, it was almost overwhelming to find three in the eggboxes  on this beautiful but frosty Mayday morning.

What do they have in common? Warm clothing. The Brindled Beauties are snug in their tabbycat coats and the Muslin Moth's yellow breeches and shaggy mop are shown to good effect above.

I have quoted it before, but this Yorkshire textile verse about Queen Elizabeth's Mum bears repetition:

Anne Boleyn had no breeches to wear
So t'King got a sheepskin and made her a pair
Leather side out and woolly side in
Eeeh! It were warm in summer for Anne Boleyn.

At least the maker of the Muslin Moth got the breeches the right way round.

We are off to Beat the Bounds today, camera ready for butterflies which may also plan a day out.

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