Friday, 27 May 2016

Bug fun

I have recently had a look at the 'Stats' section of the blog which the hosting service Blogger provides - extraordinary to someone of my generation that all this comes for free, though doubtless Google benefits in mysterious ways, especially data collection and advertising. I could host advertising myself but the algorithms would almost certainly pick clients selling mothballs and the like and that would seem at odds with my own, more musing.

Anyway, the figures show that in the last couple of weeks, the number of daily views has leaped up, to over 1000 on one day, just under that on another and 500+ on the rest. The slightly more detailed data Blogger provides suggests that most of the increase comes from the US. 

So if there is a school class over there studying moths, please say hello in Comments.

In your honour, meanwhile, I am both flying the flag (left) and running a few pictures of the European Cockroach or Maybug which infests the moth trap in large numbers at the moment. Its bizarre appearance always makes me grin.  America doesn't have it, although its transatlantic relatives the June beetles - a couple of different kinds  below, courtesy of Wikipedia - are pretty smart.

Actually, I suspect this sudden burst of apparent moth interest may be a statistical freak and due to access to other websites by hosts or whatever. I say that because Norway has also long been a surprisingly big source of page views of this blog; but when I sent a message to readers in Norwegian, the fjords and forests responded not a peep.

Here are some cockroaches again. A bit more info on them from earlier posts is here and here:

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