Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Not quite ten

A couple of warmer evenings have been followed by nights which were still pretty chilly and the moths are consequently struggling to reach double figures in the trap. Last night's ensemble was the biggest for a good while, but more typical of early April in a normal year than the start of May.

The visitors were: the handsome Early Grey in my top picture, a rather life-battered Powdered Quaker (second picture), a Brindled Beauty and five Hebrew Characters. In the sunshine yesterday, however, I saw Brimstones, Orange Tips and Small Whites and our Beating the Bounds walk on Sunday was joined by a Small Tortoiseshell.

Our main involvement with flying things, however, came in crossing the end of Oxford airport's runway where interesting potential aspects of the public footpath can include aircraft over-run, prop wash, jet blast and fast air movement. To avoid such excitements, the airport kindly provided a fire crew jeep and its friendly driver Colin to see us safely across. Many thanks!

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