Saturday, 14 May 2016


I had low expectations this morning after a notable drop in temperature last night and the meagre guest list in the Eggbox Hotel came as no surprise. Apart from three Muslin moths, the commonest visitor at the moment, there was this little scrap of lovely patterning and colour, like a fallen piece of fruit tree blossom, which one of the Agonopterix family of micros.

But which?  My first assumption was Agonopterix alstroemeriana, named after the equally beautiful patterned flower whose virtues have earned it the nickname of the 'poor man's orchid'. But it lacks the red sections of the two central splodges which are usually found on that moth. So I am wondering if it is Agonopterix yeatiana instead.

If any passing micro expert can adjudicate, I would be grateful, but I have also asked the question of the experts on the Upper Thames Moths blog. They are unfailing and swift to reply so I should be able to bring you the answer soon.

Update: sure enough, they have acted with their usual despatch and this is neither of my guesses (typically) but Agonopterix arenella, which I have had here before and should have recognised. Oh well.

Teeny weeny. If you know about eggboxes, you can see how small this moth is

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