Saturday, 7 May 2016

Little fingers

The grandchildren are here and that means little time for reporting on the world of moths. It does also mean, however, that there is great youthful interest in the contents of the eggboxes.

Luckily the weather has played ball and a sequence of lovely sunny days has alternated with much warmer nights in place of the day/sun-night/frost pattern of late April.

Yesterday's morning's new arrivals for the year included this Pebbled Prominent (top two pictures and just above beyond grandson's nose) - I hope you can see the 'pebble' which accounts for its name - and a Flame Shoulder which I failed to get into focus amid all the cheerful confusion. There was also the lively green bug shown above.

Old faithfuls included Hebrew Characters, assorted Quakers and this Brindled Beauty (above) and Clouded Drab (below)  which the granddaughter offered to her little brother by various means including a teaspoon.

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