Sunday, 6 October 2013

Strange sights - and sites

We're back home from our northern excursion and the moth trap is beaming out over the garden once again. Tomorrow, the usual bulletins of arrivals will restart.

Before then, here are a few pictures to round off four days spent in Bradford, Leeds and York - the first two showing the power of butterflies and moths as marketing symbols in the world of tourist souvenirs.

Then there's an old postcard we've kept at home - below - whose veracity can be disproved emphatically by a quick scroll through yesterday's s post.

And finally, a glimpse of Clifford's Tower from a curious structure in the Eye of York - a tree shrouded in muslin as if it had been invaded by the caterpillars of the ermine micro-moth like the one in the small pic on the left.

It's actually part of an interesting piece of roving theatre called Blood and Chocolate, which you can read about here. Sleep tight and prepare for news from the eggboxes in the morning.

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