Monday, 7 October 2013

Girl on a swing

After an absence of four days and nights, the trap seems almost like a new hobby. Anyone within earshot this morning would have heard small cries of pleasure as I lifted out each moth-laden eggbox and found them full of interest and colour.

The top moth, literally, was the Vestal slung nonchalantly under the rim of the transparent shield with her dress spread out like the ones on Victorian illustration of textile-encumbered young women on swings.  Then there was the familiar Autumn colour of assorted Sallows, like the pair above whose beauty is enhanced in my view by my famous pink eggbox and blue pyjamas.

The most numerous species, to my great delight, was that outstanding moth the Green-brindled Crescent, seen above with a nasally outstanding Snout. There were 11 G-b Cs in the trap; here's a close-up below of their livery of metallic green.

But among them was another nice surprise: a solitary example of the darker form Capucina - below - which is usually found in industrial or former industrial areas, like other melanistic versions of moths, notably the Peppered. Very unusually, Capucina is a moth unknown outside the UK. Think of it next time you have a coffee or - more unlikely - come across a Capuchin monk. The colours of the order's robes gave rise to the name.

Here's the Capucina on the left, with two standard types

And here's a nother of the standard ones, albeit a little paler. There is much minor variation

Other pleasures? This graceful Lunar Underwing immediately below and below that a Large Wainscot - I think; it is certainly a Wainscot and undoubtedly larger than the Common ones which called earlier in the year. Below that, a Beaded Chestnut glowing like an Autumn leaf, and then a Sallow inside the gloom of the trap. (It's actually the same moth as the brighter one shown above in this post's second picture; even digital cameras have problems with differing background light).

And finally, my Pending tray - IDs to sort out later today. Unless some kind and expert reader gets there first...

Twin-spot Carpet playing Lord of the flies?
Another Beaded Chestnut but drabber?


Countryside Tales said...

Spruce carpet?
Still no GBC's here :-( or Vestals either come to that. Hopefully I will open the trap in a minute and discover s MDJ instead :-)

MartinWainwright said...

Belated thanks - I'll have another Carpet look. Also need to puzzle out MDJ...

all warmest