Monday, 21 October 2013

Slugging it out

Mothland is quite at the moment after a colder night and much rain, so here instead is an evil slug. Update: but see next post to discover that Mothland wasn't quite so uninteresting after all... It has been making hay with our one and only cucumber. My fault because I thought it was a courgette and left it swelling on the ground in the veg patch for too long.

All is not lost however. For Monday, lunch P and I are about to eat this Buckingham Palace-style sandwich, below. Will it taste ever so slightly of slug? No matter. The cuke has promisingly filled our fridge with that extra scenty scent you get from freshly-picked, home-grown stuff.

I'd better add a couple of visitors among the eggboxes last night, if only to keep on the right side of the Trades Descriptions Act with reference to this blog's name. Here's a very fine Blair's Shoulder-knot in its coat of tweedy respectability (but Update: no it isn't. It's a Sprawler. See Richard's comment and next, special penitential, post) along with yet another variant on the November Moth, showing the twin bands clearly, and a Dark Marbled Carpet, keeping that large family of moths in the picture as autumn goes on.


Anonymous said...

Hi Martin,
I think your first moth photo is actually a very fine Sprawler.

MartinWainwright said...

Oh that's brilliant if so! I did look the Sprawler up and wondered but didn't dare believe

Thanks ever so! Another new one. I will amend and put up more pics. No I'll do a new post

All warmest