Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Cannibal caterpillars

After yesterday's shocking complacency, I think I can genuinely say that last night's moth traffic was boring, unless the micro below is something unexpected and rare. I think myself that it is a Rush Veneer, a moth not blessed with any particular distinction but welcome nonetheless.

Why the cannibal cartoon at the top then? Well, inspired by yesterday's Sprawler revelations, I paid a rare visit to my caterpillar Bible and read that this species' catties are 'strongl cannibalistic, especially when young.' There is no aspect of behaviour in the natural world that should cause any surprise, but this habit is relatively rare among UK moths. Just as well; but no wonder the Sprawler I featured looks rather full of himself, or perhaps more literally, full of his close relations.

Here's another of last night's visitors to end with, below: another male Feathered Thorn, slightly different from the one featured three posts ago in that he lacks the metallic dot towards the end of the forewing. It rained a lot last night but the current very mild spell of weather seems to be turning dry, so here's hoping for tonight.

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