Saturday, 12 October 2013

Rain stops play

Traditional English rain has returned for the first time in quite a while, beading our washing line with drops, watering our baby lettuces and not particularly discombobulating the moths. Collecting our younger son from the train station last night, we picked up quite a few in the headlights along with the drizzle. They're protected by a waxy film which allows them to fly in the wet, so long as the rain isn't too poundingly heavy, as well as survive in their flimsy hidey-holes beneath leaves.

The trap is another matter. Although its inventors Mr and Mrs Robinson designed a brilliantly simple and effective rain shield, whose praises I have often sung before, I don't like leaving it out all night in the wet. So nothing to report this morning, and anyway we're getting ready to feast friends for lunch. But here's another raindrops picture which shows that spiders' webs are waterproof too.

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