Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sparse but varied

The view in the UK's mothing community at the moment is that this is a very poor season. My experiences bear that out. Our muddled but largely unpleasant weather seems to have delayed things and possibly reduced this year's generations altogether. There are significantly fewer arrivals at the moment than in any of the past four years.

The variety is keeping up though. Above is my second Large Yellow Underwing of 2012, one of the brown variety as opposed to the bluey-grey which came the other night. And below is what I think is the year's first Dark Arches, a most distinguished moth.

Because of the broken patterning, its camouflage works even better against the paving stones than this Clouded-bordered Brindle, below,  a rather wan specimen of one moth which is commoner here this year than ever before. And finally, I think the handsome chap at the very bottom is a Marbled Minor.

There were several micros too, which I will examine on a rainy day. Although the sun has come out for now - timely for the Olympic Torch which is meandering through Yorkshire - wet weather is due back tomorrow so I should get the chance. 


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