Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Green, green, green

Well, well. We've had an almost perfect June night, apart from a little rain just as I was making the early morning tea. Moth numbers remain modest even so, but I have a few to show off; indeed, enough to divide between several posts.

I was going to major on the Arches family, handsome insects which have started to arrive in force, but instead I am giving the whole space over today to just one of them: the Green Arches, a magnificent moth, whose colouring is both stunning and subtle.

Here it is, helpfully choosing a green eggbox to show its own greenery to best advantage. A green moth in a green shade, to twist the words of Andrew Marvell's lovely poem The Garden. Plus a bit of pink on its skirt hem and stripy stockings. And here it is close-up, below. Oh bliss.

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