Friday, 1 June 2012

Old favourites

Morning!  'Long to rain over us', say the newspaper headlines, a propos the weather and the Queen's diamond jubilee; and for the second night running, it has indeed rained. I hope it cheers up, but on the other hand, rain is more-or-less part of our national coat of arms. And it isn't cold.

I was thinking about yesterday's haul of Carpet moths and just clicked back to my last 'good housekeeping' tally of all the species that have visited the trap, which is here. I see that I've also had the Common, Common Marbled, Red-green and Spruce carpets previously. So that's about as many carpets as we have in the house.

Just to add a couple of pictures. Familiar faces are appearing once again, as we enter June (and I approach the date of my very first trap-lighting five years ago, on 11 June 2008. It's here - isn't this a nostalgic, look-back post?) Above is a Heart and Dart, kipping perilously close to a snail, which got me hooked up on the web in 2008  (more bloggish nostalgia...) with a New York soap shop also called Heart and Dart.  And below, a Beautiful Golden Y (I think, unless it's the plain old Golden Y). Either way, I love moths with metallic scales. Uh-oh, Update:  see Comments and Excellent David Shenton. It's a Silver Y.  Wouldn't you have guessed..?


David Shenton said...


To continue the theme, sorry to rain on your parade, but your last moth is Silver Y. I like the Happy Birthday background!



MartinWainwright said...

Uh-oh. That is a welcome shower...

Got the first hawk moth of the year this morning btw - a very tattered Poplar. More tomorrow...

Thanks once again and all v best