Thursday, 21 June 2012

Rain, rain go away

Back with the tiddlers today because rain has returned overnight, so it's backlog time. I settled back in an armchair last night with my new micro-moth Bible to identify the little creature above, fell asleep, woke up and had another go and then fell asleep again. The result of this endeavour means that I think that it's a Carnation Tortrix. We do have carnations in the garden, or Pinks as I prefer to call them. I hope I've got this one correct.

Secondly, here's a delicate little Carpet; either a Spruce or another Grey Pine, the latter introduced to me only last week by Samuel Miller and David Shenton, kindly and expert commentors. I shall opt for it. The forecast isn't good for the next few nights, but we'll see. Ironically we are in the high summer season of longest days and shortest nights. Could someone tell the weather gods (or fiends)?

You can make both the pictures bigger by clicking on them.


Bennyboymothman said...

Hi Martin
O curse this damn weather! I got lucky last night and it only just started raining at 6.30am when all the traps had been packed away!
Yes Carnation Tortrix is correct as is your Spruce Carpet.

All the best.

SamuelMillar153 said...

The weather's turned sour here in Nornia too, just in time for Moth Night!!!