Friday, 29 June 2012

Pseudo-science, or the case of the Greens' Little Helpers

This morning's pictures illustrate what I shall grandly call the Empirical Fallacy. They appear to suggest that if you are a green moth, you get a small attendant to look after your daily needs. Certainly, a Martian exploring last night might have come to the conclusion that this applied to all Earth's curious, winged inhabitants. But as we know, neither proposition is true, any more than my boyhood conviction that Martians are also green.

The solution is to make sure not to draw conclusions from observations until you have a good number of the latter, and to take other precautions such as pondering other reasons for these quaint duos. But that's enough pseudo-science. Enjoyment is every bit as important; and I hope that these pictures of the year's first Light Emerald, which fluttered out of the trap but luckily hid on a window, and a Green Oak Roller or Tortrix micro, are enjoyable.

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