Sunday, 11 September 2011

A rival trap - plus some French animals which are not moths

We got home very late last night and for once had left our porch light on, so didn't have to fumble with the keys. Better still, the light acted as a moth trap on a warm evening and brought me a new species; this Grey Chi, with its pretty patterning and distinctive black mark reminiscent of the Greek letter Chi, helpfully shown right. It's basically our X and pronounced 'Kai' as in the Christian symbol, the Kai-Ro. The moth was rather high up, so sorry about the focus.

This was just as well, because the moth trap this morning was so infested with wasps that I beat a retreat, and left its contents - yellow underwings mostly, so far as I could see - to sort themselves out undisturbed. I may go down later and have a braver look.

Maintenant, le dernier bulletin de la France. Can you spot the first of my non-moth French wildlife, below?

Here he (or she) is in full. There were plenty of lightning-speed lizards, including a regular visitor which had lost its tail, that remarkable means they have of escaping predators.

A Southern Hawker dragonfly also skimmed about, just like the ones we have at home:

Then there was this brilliant beetle, a mobile, strawberry-flavoured Everton mint:

Plus this curious armoured bug, exploring my ageing skin:

And finally a juvenile Western Whip Snake which had taken refuge in the beautiful old Romanesque church at Segonzac. They're not venomous but Penny and I didn't know that at the time; hence the photos taken from a respectful distance.

Here's its scary-looking head. And with that, a bientot la France et merci pour les vacances fantastiques.

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