Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Hang on in there

Gloomy mornings, always a bit of overnight drizzle, too many wasps... I can see the end of the season approaching. Not yet, though. The main inhabitants of the trap this morning were assorted yellow underwings and half-a-dozen Copper Underwings, all looking much the worse for wear, but there was also a refreshing gleam of orange and yellow.

The orange came from this Frosted Orange, another moth which my guide describes as liking 'disturbed weedy places' and which is therefore at home chez nous. It's balding like Prince Charles but the wing pattern is still a joy to behold. Time has also taken its toll on the mops of these two Sallows (I am pretty sure that's what they are), but they remain lovely as well. The second one is perching on the trap cable which, as Penny observes over our morning tea, helpfully gives scale.

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