Monday, 12 September 2011

Flies and fleas

Hurricane Katia is supposed to be flicking her tail at the UK, but to little effect in Leeds so far. It's blowy and damp but the trap's main menace this morning was gentlemen and ladies like the one on the left, with this Dark Arches.

If I had a pound for each one etcetera... I think they must have been what was annoying this handsome Lesser Swallow Prominent which was beating its wing wildly under the transparent plastic cowl but settled down quietly on the rim of the bulb-holder as soon as I released it. It's reassuring that a bout of such violent behaviour has had little effect on the beauty of its wings and not dislodged too many of the scales responsible for that.

I don't know what the flies are and would be interested if any reader does. Ditto with this strange beast on the left, with its Newcastle United legs and disdainful lack of interest in the fly and daddy longlegs behind it.


Cyren said...

It looks like a parasitic wasp... that's what it looks like to me. One of the beasties that come to prey on my caterpillars.

MartinWainwright said...

Good though - thanks.

Maybe something ichneumony - supposed to be a good defence against clothes moths so maybe I could sell it to one of the many victims of those.

All best


Bennyboymothman said...

Hi Martin
Thanks for the lovely comment, to be honest i've not had much time lately for my Mothy friends.
Thanks for the comments about the Blog

I've not had a Dark Arches for weeks now!
Yes I took a tripod with a 160w MBT bulb on it, but luckily the place I stayed at had a wall mounted and water-proofed 250w MV bulb! so just flicked that on each night then rigged the tripod up at the front of the property.
Would love to go back! and would recommend it for moths!

Al the best now and keep the updates coming.
I myself must find time to update for my recent garden trapping efforts!

Phil said...

Hi Martin, Your disinterested fly might be Ichneumon speciciosus....... if it is, it's probably done something dreadul to the caterpillars of a moth........ kind regards, Phil