Friday, 22 July 2011

In July, a young moth's fancy...

It's always Spring time for an eager young moth, not surprisingly since most of them have only a few weeks in which to fulfil their Darwinian duty and breed. Here are two more displaying that rather obvious (to the human eye) sign that they seek a mate; either releasing pheremones or possibly 'whispering' ultrasound love messages as per the post of a couple of days below.

The patterning on these little Carpet moths is lovely (and responsible for their name; they don't eat carpets or anything else in the fabric department). Like Persian rugs, however, many of them are much alike and therefore a source of constant confusion to yours truly. I think that these are a Phoenix, top, and a Common Carpet, just above, but the latter may be a Broken-barred Carpet. Or, potentially embarrassing, are they both Phoenixes, showing how varied individual species can be in detail? I'm hoping that Ben Sale will come to my aid.

Here they are again in the same order, showing their Come Hither mechanisms at work. I must away, meanwhile, to sort final preparations for a major fun day in memory of my late Mum in her garden tomorrow. Please join in prayers, ultrasound whispers and anything else for sunshine in Leeds. Incidentally, I've already boasted here about how my Mum's best friend at school, Miggs Middleton, is the lovely Kate (and Pippa)'s great aunt. Now one of my uncles recalls that Mum's first date, at a dance at RAF Dishforth during the Second World War, was with Peter Middleton, our lovely princess's late Grandpa. How Royal am I!

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