Monday, 4 July 2011

I wouldn't if I was you

I've been too busy to trap this weekend, though I watched some moths last night over a candlelit glass of wine outside in the gloaming. Yes, England really can be like this. So here's a picture I took on Friday of a bold Light Emerald about to go abseiling. It survived the experience and fluttered away.

In case you ever wondered, here's another picture from Friday showing what a moth trap looks like - to a human. The eyesight of moths is still the subject of much study but they seem to see a sort of kaleidoscope of images. You can imagine what a great big shining light, much too bright for we humans to stare at directly, does to a delicate system such as that.

And now it's quiz time. Does anyone know what lives in here, above? Spiders, I suspect. Or maybe insect larvae. I didn't think it right to disturb them, but please tell me if you recognise the architectural style.

And finally, right, all sorts of moths are venturing out into the sunlight when you brush past bushes. Here's one of those extraordinary T-shaped micros with the pleasantly human-sounding name of Emmelina mondactyla - Emma Singlewing. It has to unroll its wings like a Venetian blind before scooting away.


Graham said...

Very good blog going here Martin,well done, i will be following. Have recently purchased a Skinner trap and already amazed at the wonders of the night. Used to collect moths as a youngster, now take a quick photo & let them go.

MartinWainwright said...

Hi Graham

I'm the same. I never liked killing them but when all you had was a Brownie 127 there wasn't much option. It' incredible what comes to the light, isn't it? Anyway, good hunting and I'll come over and have a look at your blog too. Warm wishes Martin