Monday, 25 July 2011

Another ID puzzle, quel surprise

I think we have a couple of investigative Dun-bars here, each choosing a different eggbox cone in which to probe. My confidence in identification is much-battered, so I am being tentative. And, as always, I will correct all errors as prominently as the most powerful Press Complaints Commission could require.

I'm pretty sure, however, that the right-hand character on this rockery plant is either a Common Rustic or - more likely if size is a guide - a Lesser Common Rustic. There were half-a-dozen of these in the trap this morning along with many types of Yellow Underwing, lots of Riband and Twin-spot Waves and what I now know, thanks to Bill the Commentor, to be a Buff Footman.

But what is this? (Ah-ha, see update at end of post) It's completely distinctive but I can't tally it with anything in Waring, Townsend & Lewington, not even the Snouts whose tribe I first suspected. Is it a micro, in spite of its size? Or a Snout after all - Pinion-streakled? Buttoned? - within a wider range of variation than WT&L have room to show? Solutions warmly welcomed; meanwhile I'll sign off on a bright note. The sun has brought out both our buddleias and lots of butterflies. Here's a more than usually raggedy Comma absorbed in the tresses' great gusts of honey scent.

Update: my reliable crutch in identification matters, Charlie Fletcher the county moth recorder, identifies my mystery moth as the Garden Pebble - a micro but a pretty macro one. It likes cabbage and is therefore described as 'a nuisance to gardeners.' But I don't grow cabbages, so it is very welcome here. Oh and I did get the Dunbar and Common (or Lesser Common) Rustic right. You can't distinguish between the last two without some rather uncomfortable medical examination.

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